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Reviews from our satisfied clients


We are still at present in negotiations for the buying of the church. Unfortunately the vendor is very stubborn and they actually think they have a Rolls Royce when what they actually have is an Old Banger. We met the Surveyor at the property who asked us to explain what we wanted certain areas to be for and the report was then completely structured around us, advising this part of the building can be used for a, b and c but not d, e and f etc. We feel meeting the  Surveyor at the property was invaluable and whilst with him he gave advice on fire exits and the legalities of certain aspects of the process. Without the expert opinions and advice of your Chartered Surveyor we would probably be in a very different position. We felt the report was easy to understand with not to many technical terms used although if these were used they were properly explained. A star of a surveyor whose opinions we cannot value enough and apart from all of that he is always on hand to lend more advice when we need it. 

  AR, Ilford, London - happy client who could make an informed decision after meeting our surveyor at the church and receiving a structural survey


I had originally instructed another surveying company to survey the property but when the surveyor turned up at the property he admitted that he was not used to surveying commercial properties and was therefore not comfortable doing the survey for me. I then spoke to churchsurveyor.co.uk who sent me through examples of their work which gave me confidence that they knew about commercial properties.  The surveyor from churchsurveyor.co.uk met me at the property when he was carrying out the survey which was very useful. They completed the survey report well within my timescale and I found it to be very thorough and clear, explained in plain English.

 Mr T, Surrey - satisfied client who bought a modern church building



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Chartered Surveyors?

YES all our surveyors are Chartered Surveyors and members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS 

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